Terms & Conditions

Every box purchased comes with a 30 day trial and a 1 year warranty.  If you do not like our box then you can return it in the first 30 days and you will receive a refund.  The refund does not include shipping, handling and will also receive a 10% restocking fee to cover the  merchant fees, cost of fulfillment, and retail value on a new in box product that was shipped.  Therefore you will receive less than 90% of your final sale price.  All boxes come with Remote Control, High Speed HDMI cord, and 5 Volt Power cord along with packaging/marketing box.  You must return all items in perfect condition for the full refund.  If you do not send everything you will be billed accordingly with the posted price for all products on our website.

1 Year warranty includes the device itself, we do not warranty cords, or remotes past 90 days.  We have just found in our experience that any issues occurring with these components are from abuse E.G. Water spilled on the remote, etc.  The 1 year warranty includes failure to perform, it does not include abuse or destruction, do not throw the device out the window and expect us to replace the device within the one year warranty.  Our warranty includes either fixing your original device or replacing the device with a comparable model within a one year time.

Please ask your re-seller if you have any questions or concerns in regards to the Terms and Conditions before purchase.